Amenity Concierge

Condor Concierge, an autonomous business unit under the aegis of Condor Security offers top-of-the-line amenity concierge services in Greater Toronto Area. We always have and continue to take an extraordinarily personalized approach when it comes to providing amenity concierge service in Toronto. At Condor Concierge, we take painstaking care to provide amenity concierge service tailored around the jet-set lifestyle of the condominium community.

Keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the luxury condo market, we conceptualized and implemented the Bespoke Service Model. Scrupulously designed and organized, every component and aspect of the Bespoke Service Model ensures an unprecedented and unique experience for our high-profile clientele comprising condominium- and gated communities. We proffer amenity concierge services on a 24/7 round the year basis where our efficient and experienced staff members attend to our clientele’s requests.

The essence of Condor Concierge’s amenity concierge services

We are firm of the opinion that enjoying special amenities, facilities, and services must be a given for condominium owners. Taking full advantage of specialized top-notch facilities is a way of life that condominium residents and communities take for granted. It does not need to be emphasized that amenities comprise an integral part of the standard package of a condominium lifestyle.

Condor Concierge takes meticulous care to make sure that the real estate within a condominium community as well as the property surrounding the complex is livable. We go out of the way to ensure that the condo complexes we service furnish a stimulating and refreshing experience to the residents and owners. You can rest assured that we will be able to create a customized amenity concierge service package based on your needs and budget.

We also offer to undertake the management and supervision of amenities and facilities in/of your condo complex. We’ve worked out, planned, and packaged our amenity concierge services quite innovatively so that they effortlessly integrate with your existing administrative system.


The key features of our amenity concierge service Toronto

White-Glove Service

We recruit gifted candidates and applicants via a rigorous interviewing process where we test their skills and also ensure that they’ve adequate industry knowledge. Thereafter we put our recruits through an extensive training program that prepares them thoroughly for working as competent concierges at our clients’ locations and addresses. We train our recruits with care so that they become capable of serving as security guards, armed guards, bodyguards, mobile patrol supervisors, and private parking enforcement officers.

We provide emergency response training, ASP use of force training, verbal judo training, CPR & First Aid Training, and much more. To put it in a nutshell, Condor Concierge makes a huge effort to ensure the delivery of excellent amenity concierge service.

Distinctively designed uniform

Concierge staff members deputed and assigned at our clientele’s sites and locations are impeccably dressed which makes them look the part. The attire of our security personnel is tailored in a way to gel with our clientele’s trademark and setting. We hand-select every item of clothing to make sure the livery matches up with the client’s brand.

Security services

Condor Concierge’s parent company Condor Security has garnered extensive experience in providing security solutions and services, has been in business for over two decades. Hence you can rest assured that we will keep your premises fully safe and secure thereby guaranteeing that your community enjoys peace of mind. For further security, we will take care of all packages and deliver parcels directly to the residents’ apartments.

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