October 18, 2019

The city of Toronto is known for many things: a booming population, lush green spaces, vibrant multiculturalism, and connections to international finance. It hosts multiple sports teams, boasts several architectural marvels, and even has its own islands. Clothes by many of the world’s most famous designers can be purchased in Yorkville while some of fashion’s most promising up-and-comers are just starting their careers further downtown. 


But Toronto’s most exciting feature may very well be its thriving arts and culture scene. Each week brings a new variety of different events or celebrations, held throughout the city and catering to a wide assortment of interests and tastes. From culinary festivals taking over entire city blocks, to exclusive star-studded film premieres, to highly anticipated ballet and opera performances, to avant-garde gallery openings — the city is a hotbed of artistic and cultural happenings. 


With so much going on, staying on top of it all can be a challenge. And it’s not always possible to gain entry to exclusive events without having a connection.


That’s where premium concierge services come in. A premium concierge service like Condor Concierge can help take the guesswork out of planning a night on the town. This means more than just making restaurant reservations or wine bar recommendations. A premium concierge service will not only know about the most exciting hotspots or events, but they provide luxury condo residents with a key-to-the-city lifestyle that includes exclusive access to high profile galas, film premieres and festivals, gallery openings, performances, and other arts and cultural events. 


With a premium concierge service, enjoying Toronto’s incredible, world-class arts and culture has never been easier — or more enjoyable.