October 18, 2019

If I asked you to tell me the purpose of a concierge, what would you say? 

Many people would talk about security, which is no surprise. A concierge provides residents with a feeling of safety. They’re highly trained and professional. They monitor entryways, prevent unauthorized people from accessing the building, and personally greet all tenants and visitors. They’re the first line of defence and a constant watchful eye, ensuring that the building and its residents are secure and in good hands. 


Others would talk about convenience, and this is also true. A concierge accepts packages and can swiftly deal with repair and maintenance requests. They’re a fantastic source of information on condo activities and provide efficient service. 


But a concierge can also provide luxury. A premium, bespoke concierge service does all of the above, but also offers residents deluxe services, which can include:


  • In-home appointments with wellness and beauty professionals
  • At-door or discreet in-room parcel delivery
  • Valet and automotive maintenance services
  • Access to personal chefs, caterers, and event and travel planners
  • Access to exclusive arts and cultural events


While the security aspect of a concierge’s job is absolutely vital, a premium concierge service is so much more than just enhanced security. This level of tailored service goes above and beyond: it adds extraordinary levels of comfort and convenience to upscale condominium living, hearkening back to time-honoured aristocratic traditions and providing residents with a highly enviable lifestyle. 


Condor Security has developed a reputation for delivering top-notch security services. Condor Concierge strikes the perfect balance between security and luxury, with personnel undergoing intensive customer care training specifically catered to premium living in addition to completing the highest quality security training. 


After all, what is more luxurious than living in perfect safety and comfort?