Condor Concierge


June 30, 2019

In a fiercely competitive real estate market, high-end condo developers in Toronto are fighting to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Struggling to attract the attention of desirable prospective residents, condo developers put a lot of effort into setting themselves apart through tasteful marketing, attractive locations, and, of course, their premium amenities. 

And few amenities provide as much day-to-day comfort, convenience, and luxury as the concierge.

The word “concierge” is French and translates to “keeper of keys,” a fitting title for the person responsible for allowing entry to a building. In the Middle Ages, a concierge would hold the keys to all of the castle rooms. The job of the Medieval concierge, like that of the concierge today, was to make sure that royal and aristocratic guests had everything they needed during their stay, guaranteeing their comfort and satisfaction.  At a time when castles are no longer de rigueur, many luxury condos have adopted this tradition, providing their residents with this classic and timeless service.​

Reflecting their history as a luxurious amenity, modern concierge personnel add an element of familiarity, hospitality, and comfort to the condo experience by greeting residents by name, remembering small personal details, and anticipating residents’ needs. Concierge services are designed to provide building residents with:

  • Enhanced safety and secure access to the building
  • Personalized, friendly, and professional service
  • An accessible information hub for activities and information
  • A swift and responsive method of dealing with repair and maintenance requests

A premium, bespoke concierge not only offers residents a sense of security, but provides a host of other high-end benefits.This type of white glove service offers residents enhanced amenities, including in-residence appointments with fitness and health professionals, premium event planning services, exclusive access to arts and cultural events, and automotive care. When it comes to deluxe concierge service, the sky really is the limit — through Condor Concierge, residents are even able to schedule private cooking lessons with a personal chef or work with upscale travel planners to create the extravagant getaway of their dreams.  

This level of luxury and lavish convenience is incredibly desirable to many prospective residents. The more premium the service, the more attractive it becomes. A deluxe, bespoke concierge service is a potent selling point and a way to offer incredible value to prospective buyers looking for the ultimate ‘key-to-the-city’ living experience.