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Doorperson Job Profile

A doorman or a doorwoman is a professional who works in the hospitality industry or the service sector. Often referred to as a doorperson or a doorman concierge, a doorman is employed by establishments and organizations grouped under the hospitality/service sector. Doormen are by and large seen working in restaurants, hotels, bars, amusement parks, cafes, resorts, nightclubs, casinos, and so on.

Oftentimes doormen assume the role of a ‘bouncer’ or a door supervisor responsible for maintaining security in the aforementioned establishments. A bouncer also frisks guests and visitors for arms possession, bars entry to unruly and inebriated individuals, and checks the patrons’ legal age. Nowadays, a doorperson performs various tasks, unlike traditional doormen who were chiefly tasked with opening doors and entrances for patrons entering or exiting the employer’s location. 

Doorman Service

Many job seekers and applicants looking to pursue a career in the hospitality industry don’t have a clear doorman service. So if you’re unsure what a doorperson does be aware that a doorman is essentially a security guard who’s also well-versed in customer service. At Condor Concierge we train budding doormen and concierges not only on how to provide unarmed and armed security but also on how to offer outstanding customer service.

Our highly proficient and skilled concierge security officers and security guards serve as the first single point of contact at a restaurant, hotel, or condo complex. We thoroughly train candidates looking forward to working as doormen or concierge doorman how to use firearms and weapons for defending vulnerable people as well as themselves. At the same time, we instruct them on the appropriate ways of greeting and treating guests, visitors, and clients so that they feel happy.

Get in touch with us today if you want to hire doormen and want complete details about the concierge doorman service we offer.

Doorman Concierge Service

The modern-day doorman concierge unlike his or her traditional counterpart can be seen working in a wide variety of establishments. There used to be a time when employing concierges and doormen used to be the prerogative of the moneyed class. However with time, the original concept of doorman has undergone a sea-change, and today the term has several connotations.

Hence it’d be incorrect to say that a doorperson is a professional whose chief responsibility is to simply open doors. And more often than not, a doorman is not a man but a woman capable of performing as capably as her male counterpart. These days, doormen do more than merely open or close doors- you’ll find these professionals greeting guests and patrons, hailing a cab, assist in parking, and so on.

You can think of doorpersons as versatile personal assistants who are capable of carrying out a variety of errands including:-

  • Grocery shopping
  • Picking up and delivering medications, postal and courier packages, dry cleaning,
  • Dog walking
  • Helping the old and infirm in completing everyday tasks
  • Making hotel, airline, theater, and dinner reservations
  • Greeting guests entering a restaurant or a condo
  • Keeping the employer’s site safe and secure for everyone

Doorman Concierge Jobs in Toronto

Firms and companies that are looking to recruit door person, doorman concierge, and doorman:-

  • The Cheesecake Factory, North York, ON (fulltime and part-time hosts)
  • Earls King Street- Toronto, ON (Host)
  • FAB Restaurant Concepts Inc.-Toronto (Host/Hostess)
  • Earls Sherway- Etobicoke, ON (Host)
  • Earls Kitchen Burlington-Burlington, ON (Host)
  • Marriott International, Inc –Toronto (Restaurant Manager)
  • Regal Security Inc- Midtown Toronto (Fulltime Tactical Security Guard)
  • Knights On Guard Security- Midtown Toronto (Part-time condominium security guard)
  • North York General Hospital- Midtown Toronto (Fulltime security guard)
  • Center for Addiction and Mental Health, Midtown Toronto (security guards)
  • The Forest Hill Group, Midtown Toronto (full-time and part-time security guards)

If you’re interested to work as a doorperson in Toronto, you’ll find countless job positions in Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area). You’ll also come across numerous openings in cities and towns around GTA including Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Markham, North York, Scarborough Township, and Ottawa. Some of the leading job portals that advertise doorman jobs regularly include,, and to name a few.

While searching for door person positions in and around Toronto, you’ll see advertisements for analogous openings. Job positions comparable to doorman are security guard, resident concierge, valet parking attendant, security officer, hotel bellman, bouncer, and maintenance porter. If you want Google or Bing to throw up the top results for a specific opening you’re looking for (say condo concierge or nightclub bouncer), then search using the particular job opening.

A few well-known firms and businesses currently hiring doorman and doorperson include Regal Security, BCS Data Center, Synergy Protection Group Inc, and The Forest Hill Group, etc.