Personal Concierge

As you rush from one city to another or dash from one high-profile event to another, you try to clutch onto the passing time. How you wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so that you could complete your tasks and yet had time to unwind with your family. You fervently yearn for a man Friday who would’ve seen all your tasks to completion at any time of the day or night. 

Welcome to Condor Concierge. We’re one of the most popular luxury lifestyle companies in the Greater Toronto Area highly sought-after for providing personal concierge services. We can entrust a personal concierge for you who can handle any task or errand with élan. Our professional concierges can help you cope with and accomplish multiple errands and tasks you’d listed on your must-do list.

Additionally, your concierge in Toronto will enable you to complete your stipulated chores quickly so that you can spend quality time with your near and dear ones. In short, we manage your chores and must-do lists so effectively that you’re left with sufficient time to unwind and relax.  

Top Personal Concierge Companies in Greater Toronto Area

Modern Concierge

Modern Concierge can help you gain quick and hassle-free access to personal shopping, automotive services, restaurants, hotels, travel reservations, sporting events, galas, deliveries, and more.

The Convenient Concierge

Need to pick up your wife from the airport? Looking to hire an experienced chef for a week for catering to your high-profile guests? Want regular deliveries of groceries, garments, and other essential supplies from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Costco Canada Inc.? Convenient Concierge offers event planning, airport pickups, and drop-offs, and delivery services from nearly all major retail chains.

Take it Easy

This Toronto-based concierge company truly lives up to its name-‘Take it Easy’ puts you at ease while their concierge performs the errands on your behalf.   This concierge agency has extensive experience in offering personal shopping, property management, office documentation, realtor assistance, and a host of other lifestyle services.

Task Rabbit

Need help with fixing a leaking spigot, removing snow from the lawn, or mounting a LED TV? Task Rabbit offers an array of services including but not limited to grocery shopping and delivery, hanging pictures, deliveries, packing, and moving.

Contessa Concierge

Contessa Concierge proudly claims to offer specialized personal concierge services starting from administrative tasks to supervising trades, spring cleaning, dog walking, event planning, bill payments, and more.

Paramount Concierge

Paramount Concierge specializes in providing janitorial, home improvement, personal shopping, event management, party planning, home staging, interior decorating, and catering services to name a few.


Zebrano Concierge’s tagline “Your Life, Your Home, Our Expertise,” says it all. Zebrano helps clients manage their luxury homes with ease as this concierge service tackles almost everything from regular errands to relocation to home management.

Personal Concierge Services Tailor-Made for You 

Like any other high-flying jetsetter, you desire to squeeze out of the most from your waking hours and then let go. At the same time, you’re agonizingly aware that time as your most valuable asset (and for everybody else) is ephemeral. No matter how much you try you can never get back the moments you’ve frittered away trying to complete everything.

So what is the best way to make optimum use of real-time available to you on an everyday basis? For a start, you should plan your day realistically and pragmatically so that you can finish all your planned tasks. But given your busy and hectic lifestyle, the bitter reality is that you struggle day in, day out to see your jobs through completion. 

The inability to make the most of actual available time regularly makes you utterly frustrated and frazzled. It is during such frustrating moments that you fervently wish you had someone trustworthy who’d have lent a helping hand. And this is exactly where Condor Concierge, one of the leading personal concierge companies in Toronto, can help you out.

Condor Concierge’s Personal Concierge Services

To subscribe to our concierge services, you just have to visit our website- Go through the various ways in which we can offer you effective support in all walks of life via our diverse variety of services designed particularly for you. We can design and customize a personal concierge service package for you regardless of whether you register with us for the long-term or just for specific hours weekly or monthly.

If you so wish you can pick-and-choose from our wide variety of services or if you want we can create a personalized plan for you. Like any other high-up client you’d prefer to sign-up for our luxury concierge services so that you live life with joie-de-vivre. The personal concierge that we’ll assign to you will not only serve as your assistant but also go the extra mile.

While you’re occupied with your business dealings, your concierge will work behind the scenes to keep your house in order. Your concierge-cum-personal aide will do the shopping, fetch kids from school, clear outstanding payments, schedule appointments with your physician, walk your pet, and much more. When you opt for our concierge services, you’ve ready access to certified local service providers we partner with.

We network and work together with licensed trades (that we carefully review before selecting) to provide you high-quality services. Our team of personal concierges can join forces with you for offering the following services:-

  • Cleaning
  • Errands
  • Laundry
  • Personal, gift, and grocery shopping
  • Gift purchase and wrap
  • Wedding, anniversary, and special events services
  • Event management services
  • Corporate and private dinner planning
  • The family get-together, reunions, and picnics
  • Pickup/drop-offs
  • Banking services
  • Bill payments
  • Property purchasing and selling
  • Relocation services
  • Project management
  • Vehicle services
  • Home management services
  • Calendar and document management

Why Sign Up for Condor Concierge’s Personal Concierge Services?

Condor Concierge is committed to offering reliable and steadfast personal concierge services to clientele so that they can live life to the hilt. Our mission is to help clients accomplish their day-to-day tasks to free up adequate time, thereby enabling them to loosen up with their near and dear ones. At Condor Concierge, we realize that convenience is uppermost on the minds of our clientele when they decide to hire us.

We’re conversant with our clientele’s desire to get every task completed as well as about their relentless but vain attempts. Therefore we go all out to assist our clients in seeing them through the day so that they can unwind uninhibitedly. We earnestly try to ensure that every event or occasion we organize for our patrons turns out to be memorable.