Valet Car Parking

Condor Concierge has optimally capitalized on the constantly increasing demand for valet car parking in Toronto-the largest city in Canada. We specialize in providing valet concierge and valet parking service throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) offering complete peace of mind to our clientele. At Condor Concierge the thrust of our valet service is towards making the most of cutting-edge technologies for guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Whether the occasion is a prom, bar/bat mitzvah, charity ball, wedding reception, sweet sixteen’s celebration, corporate lunch, or birthday, you can bank on our valet parking service. We have created our valet parking Toronto service model with painstaking care keeping the needs of our clientele in mind. You can safely assume that our valet concierge service will make your guests feel comfortable at your event that’ll eventually buttress your reputation.

We constantly endeavor to make the most of the latest technologies to ensure that our clientele has a unique and unprecedented user experience. At the same time, our valet car parking service/services are underwritten implying that we’ll indemnify you in the event of a mishap or accident. We always take preemptive and proactive steps to ensure our clientele’s safety while enabling them to benefit from our valet service

Condor Concierge undertakes to regulate traffic especially for grand events and occasions where your guests may have to struggle with parking their vehicles. Our valet concierge will steer and direct your guests comfortably and safely towards the location. Additionally, we make available luminous and reflective valet parking signage for boosting visibility, particularly at night.

If any specific client requests we assign an experienced driver or chauffeur to operate your guest’s vehicle if he is not in a position to drive himself. Our chauffeur will not only drive the car safely to the guest’s residence but also escort him and park the vehicle before leaving.     

Condor Concierge Provides Dedicated Valet Parking Services in Toronto

Our valet concierges always go out of the way to make sure that your event or occasion is a roaring success. Regardless of whether it’s your kid’s birthday, your eligible daughter’s marriage, or an important corporate meet, we assure you that we’ll provide exceptional valet parking service. We’ve extensive experience in furnishing reliable valet car parking service as countless clients have entrusted their valet parking project to us.

Consequently, we’ve acquired a high level of expertise in offering valet services and our mission is to achieve excellence in providing customer service. We’ve come a long way after consistently innovating, fine-tuning, and upgrading our services which also enables us to keep our rates moderate and competitive. We always see to it that our valet concierges are dressed nattily with their liveries embodying our work culture and our dedication towards our clientele.

Most importantly, we provide a very down-to-earth price structure compared to our competitors as we’ve been in business for many years now. On the other hand, we’re able to create a personalized valet parking Toronto package for our clientele thereby giving us an edge over our competitors. We try to keep things as simple as possible when working out the pricing for a particular client.

Before giving an estimate to our clients, we consider four aspects- labor charges, duration of the service, the total number of guests, and venue or location. We usually deduct 10% from the invoice when a client hires us for the first time. At Condor Concierge, we provide valet parking service for the following events and occasions:-

  • Charity ball
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Fundraiser
  • Corporate meet
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve/New Year
  • Thanksgiving
  • Bat/bar mitzvah
  • Engagement parties
  • Product launch
  • Political events
  • Private parties
  • Political fundraisers
  • Exclusively private group dinners

Event Valet Parking Service

Event valet parking service is by and large an event or occasion-based service usually provided one-time and on an on-call basis. Event valet service works for occasions including but not limited to anniversary celebrations, once-in-a-lifetime events, charity balls, corporate seminars, bar/bat mitzvahs, and proms. The hallmarks of our services include lavishness, extravagance, expediency, and safety above all.

We treat every client (or every guest for that matter) as special, and therefore ensure that he or she receives VVIP treatment. Our overarching mission and vision are to surpass our clientele’s expectations and to guarantee that our quality service has a lasting impression on them. Therefore if you have a special event or occasion coming up, and looking to outsource valet parking you can get in touch with us.   

You can send us an email or make a phone call for getting details about our service and receiving a quote.