White Glove Service


June 20, 2019

A glass of exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon served with a meal. Fine marble surfaces in a well-appointed kitchen. The rich and exciting purr of a well-made engine in a high-end sports car.

There are many finishing touches that make life more luxurious. When you want to experience luxury and function? For that, you need a premium concierge. 

Not all concierge services are created equal. A cursory search of real estate blogs reveals complaints about disempowered concierge personnel and the management-led restrictions on the services that they are able to provide residents. It’s an unfortunate reality that the role of the concierge, steeped in an aristocratic tradition of hospitality and luxury, is in many cases relegated to the role of glorified security. However, as the condo market heats up, many Toronto developers are recognizing the immense draw of white glove concierge services. 

What is white glove service

A white glove concierge service is notable for its level of special care and attention — this type of luxury service goes above and beyond the standard service provided by a more basic concierge. It may also be known as bespoke or premium concierge service and has become a popular selling point for upscale condominiums seeking to attract desirable prospective buyers in a competitive market. For many buyers, a white glove concierge service is as covetable as the right location, and it’s no wonder — this level of exceptional service adds new layers of luxury, comfort, and convenience to premium condominium living. 

All levels of concierge service provide a few basic services:

  • Enhanced safety and secure access to the building
  • Personalized, friendly, and professional service
  • An information hub for condo activities and information
  • Swift response to repair and maintenance requests

White glove service offers all of this, but so much more. White glove concierge personnel are hand-selected and undergo intensive customer care training specifically catered to premium living. Helpful, discreet, knowledgeable, and professional, they are the ultimate luxury service providers, well-equipped to understand, anticipate, and address the needs of their exclusive clientele.

Living in a building with a bespoke concierge service provides residents with a highly enviable key-to-the-city lifestyle. This type of deluxe service may include:

  • At-home appointments with personal trainers, nutritionists, and other wellness professionals
  • Exclusive access to high profile galas, premieres, and other arts and cultural events
  • At-door parcel delivery or optional discreet in-room delivery
  • At-home appointments with makeup artists, stylists, and spa service providers
  • Valet and automotive maintenance services
  • Access to personal chefs, caterers, and upscale event and travel planners

With such an extensive list of enhanced amenities and tailored service delivery, condos offering this type of premium concierge service garner a well-deserved level of prestige in the eyes of prospective buyers, many of whom currently enjoy this level of service and are reluctant to do without it. When it comes to presale condos, the inclusion of white glove concierge service can elevate a building far above the rest of the crowd. And, in the booming Toronto condo market, that benefit cannot be underestimated.